Anson Agri-Civic Center Public Input Meeting

— Written By Janine Rywak and last updated by

Design for the new Anson Agri-Civic Center is now in progress, and as part of the process, feedback is encouraged. To that end, the public is invited to a Public Input Meeting to be held Wednesday, September 13 at 2:00 p.m. at the Anson County Cooperative Extension Center on McLaurin Street.

At that time, representatives from HH Architecture will show preliminary site and building plans for the new Agri-Civic Center. Another similar meeting will be scheduled for later in the fall, as an evening session, once design is further developed.

For many years, community groups and organizations have competed for meeting and event space in the county. What is available gets booked early, leaving others to go out of the county for conference facilities.

Hearing and experiencing the community’s need, the County of Anson embarked on discussion and planning towards construction of the new Anson Agri-Civic Center. Property was purchased for the site, and HH Architecture of Raleigh was contracted for architectural and site design.

The facility will house a large conference center with the ability to be broken into multiple smaller meeting rooms, the Cooperative Extension Offices, and additional space for ag offices.

If you would like to attend and hear about this exciting project, please call the Extension Center at 704-694-2415 to register. This is an opportunity to learn about the facility and give input into its design.